Chambers ~ Equipment

My Chamber is well equipped. Discrete location & air conditioned.

Some of my equipment includes: Bondage chair, spanking bench, queening chair, floggers, whips, quirts, gags of all sorts, chains & steel weights, manacles, bird cage, leather arm binder, collar & leash, stocks, leather mitts, leather straps & restraints, plastic wraps, leather cuffs, needles, urethra sounds, leather parachutes, leather, steel,  posture collars, leather head harness, assorted leather helmets, masks, St. Andrew's cross, medical exam table, massage table, ball press, butterfly board, humbler, dental gag, violet wand, Erostec electro boxes, clips & clamps, medical gizmos, strap on & plugs of all kinds including steel. Fire cups, cups, Wicked Wanda, thumper. Prayer bench, straightjacket, sterilizer & autoclave.